For Android 1.6 or Later

Version: 4.7.6
Price: Free

PasswordWallet for Android

Your SOLUTION to Password Confusion!

Export your PasswordWallet data from PasswordWallet for Windows or Mac OS X to a protected file, copy it to your device, and open it in this special Android viewer - because password confusion just isn't necessary!


  • Retrieve passwords quickly and effortlessly through PasswordWallet's tight-user interface

  • Access passwords, usernames and other private info. with a single 'master' password

  • Export your passwords from Mac OS X or Windows

  • Keep your data secure with minimal overhead

Tip for viewing passwords without the app

If you are comfortable Dropbox, you can set up the Mac or Windows versions of PasswordWallet to automatically export your wallet to your Dropbox as html. You can then use your Android browser to open the file from your Dropbox. You will not have to install PasswordWallet for Android on your device.

If you are not comfortable with Dropbox, follow the instructions in the manual to install and use a special version of PasswordWallet for Android that can instead read the same html exports.

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