For Android 5.0 (lollipop) or Later

Version: 4.8.14
Price: $4.99

PasswordWallet for Android

What's New!

New to 4.7.6

  • Added new permissions now required by Kit Kat.

New to 4.7.5

  • Added better error messages around malformed com.selznick.passwordwallet folders.

New to 4.7.4

  • This new version puts up a more complete path for devices that have more than one SDCARD installed. (Some devices have an external SDCARD and an internal one. They mount differently on various computer operating systems.)

New to 4.6

  • Now available in the Android store for easy installation!

  • Copy to clipboard.

  • Much better error reporting with build-in instructions as remedies.

New to 4.5

  • First release.

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