For Windows XPSP3 or Later

Version: 1.7
Price: $11.99

SmartWrap for Mac OS X


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  • Install: Drag the SmartWrap the Clipboard anywhere on your hard drive that is convenient for you. Many users place it right out on the Desktop.

  • Use: Select and Copy text from a web page or word processor. Double click "SmartWrap the Clipboard". If you like what you see, push "Copy". You can now paste your SmartWrapped text any place you like.

SmartWrap™ Plug-in For Eudora

  • Important! Once extracted, please be sure your View:Options are set to view ALL files, or the Eudora Plugin DLL will be invisible!

  • Install: Drag the "smartwrap.dll" file to the "Plugins" folder, which is located in the same directory as your Eudora or Eudora Light application program. Reboot. (Be sure to delete all previous versions of the SmartWrap plug-in from this folder!)

  • Use: Open a poorly wrapped message and select SmartWrap from the "Edit Menu:Message Plug-ins" menu. You can also wrap a selection.

  • Tip: To add SmartWrap to your Eudora toolbar, right-click on the toolbar, locate the SmartWrap plug-in icon and drag it where you want it on the toolbar. With this button you can SmartWrap messages with one click.

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