For Windows 8.1SP3 or Later

Version: 4.8.7
Price: $19.99

PasswordWallet for Windows

What's New!

Changes through 4.8.8

  • Fixed connection refused error in browser when finishing Dropbox link

  • Fixed issue where Dropbox link can fail if default local port for Dropbox auth response is in use

  • Fixed problem creating PasswordWallet directory in Dropbox account

  • Fixed spurious errors after canceling a dropbox sync

  • Now prompts to save preferences if canceling with changes

  • Fix sync to device selection page to get rid of constant refresh which blocked sync

  • Fix occasional connection reset issue with sync to PasswordWallet server

Changes through 4.8.7

  • Fix crash if Dropbox token is not available

  • Removed in app purchase option, now goes directly to web site

  • Fixed problem where focus was not being set to the Search box on document open when that option is selected

Changes through 4.8.6

  • Reworked networking code to fix connection problems and allow dropbox login through default browser

  • Fix purchase flow and browser link

  • Fixed intermittent issue with CTRL activation of autotype

  • Various smaller bug fixes

Changes through 4.8.4

  • Fixes issue with Dropbox logins.

Changes through 4.8.3

  • Fixed issue with saving master password for hte first time.

Changes through 4.8.2

  • Updated to latest Dropbox APIs and Security.

  • Now requires Windows 7 or later.

Changes through 4.8.1

  • Fixed problem with spaces in dropbox subfolder name.

  • Fix sync wizard navigation issue when changing paths.

  • Due to POODLE vulnerability in SSLv3, now force all SSL / HTTPS connections to use TLSv1 at minimum.

Changes through 4.8.0

  • Improved random password generation and phoneme support, fixed several problems in the password template creation menu.

  • Defaulting to red digits in passwords.

  • Fixed auto-type typing delay toggle character on keyboards other than English.

  • Caps-lock must be off and ctrl, alt, and shift must be up for autotype to proceed, times out after 5 seconds with error.

  • Visual feedback when clicking copy user, copy password, etc buttons in main list.

  • Fixed issue with setting open documents modified after sync.

  • Make sure modified documents show a * in the title bar for all modifications.

  • Improved XML namespace handling for WebDav sync.

  • Improved handling of Cancel while auto typing.

  • Fixed Sync log can get out of chronological order.

  • Fixed problems with non-english keyboards and autotype.

  • Fixed issues with WebDav sync connections.

  • Improved response time when canceling sync.

  • Fixed issue where update check or survey response could freeze the application.

  • Improve launch of applications files.

  • Added Copy URL, User Name, and Password to Entry Edit menu.

  • Fixed multiple issues on application close when entry windows open with modal dialogs or changed data.

Changes through 4.7.2

  • Really improved the user interface to bring it up to speed with Windows.

  • Added an "Advanced" option to bypasses Bonjour with a manual IP address. Useful for misbehaving routers.

  • Better Dropbox error detection.

Changes through 4.7.1

  • User interface brought up to par with Mac OS X version.

  • Dropbox, WebDav and WiFi sync support

  • PasswordWallet for Windows is no longer a beta product.

  • Too much to list!

Changes through 4.5.0 beta 5

  • New icons with semi-transparent Alpha channels that don't look so ugly. (Sorry about that.)

  • Windows will now be brought on-screen if their old position was off-screen as is sometimes the case with multiple monitors.

  • Entry windows now show title of entrying being edited in the titlebar and the minimized icon.

Changes through 4.5.0 beta 4

  • Fixed import of tab-delimited data with inconsistent sized rows.

  • Fixed the resizing of the import window.

Changes through 4.5.0 beta 3

  • No longer creates menu page on encrypted export if there is only one page

  • Trim spaces at beginning and ending of registration code and username when registering

  • Fix "Link to Password from entry" menu item in password entry dropdown

  • Fix special characters and "Link to Password from Entry" menu items in password dropdown to also go to the "Confirm" text box is "Confirm" is Selected.

  • Fixed layout of general preferences so default file "None" and "Choose" buttons are visible.

Changes through 4.5.0 beta 2

  • Fixed issue that could cause problems when exporting for Android or Palm webOS.

  • Fixed installer upgrades.

  • Fixed possible crash when auto-closer timer triggers.

Changes through 4.5.0 beta 1

  • First release. Welcome!

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