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Version: 4.5.1
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Table of Contents

Installing PasswordWallet on an webOS Device

PasswordWallet for webOS is available for free from the webOS Store. Install PasswordWallet for webOS by following the link on the main product page.

Exporting your data to PasswordWallet for webOS

PasswordWallet for Mac OS X and Windows can export any PasswordWallet file in a format compatible with PasswordWallet for webOS.

Directions for Exporting.

Copying your exported data to your webOS device

  1. Plug your webOS device in to your computer by USB.

  2. Using the Finder (Mac OS X) or Windows Explorer (Windows), locate the device drive mounted on your computer.

  3. Create a new folder on the device named exactly "com.selznick.passwordwallet".
  4. In to this folder, copy the contents folder that was exported above. (All .html files should be copied directly in to the com.selznick.passwordwallet folder.)
  5. You're done!

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