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What's New

New to 4.4.7:

  • Added support for Palm Pre!

New to 4.4:

  • Please see "What's New" for PasswordWallet for Mac OS X.

New to 4.4.0:

  • PasswordWallet HTML export is now part of PasswordWallet for Mac OS X and no longer a separate product.

  • Bookmarklets and exported files can now be broken up so they don't overload your browser!

  • Bookmarklets can be saved to special link files to users of Android, Nokia, Blackberry, and Symbian phones running WebKit browsers can add their bookmarklets to their bookmarks.

New to 4.3.4:

  • Now warning the user if JavaScript is not enabled.

  • Seriously reduced memory footprint of iPhone bookmarklet... allowing users to save about 20% more records to the iPhone.

New to 4.3.3:

  • Inverting text color in iPhone export if background color is dark.

  • PasswordWallet is now compatible with Japanese.

New to 4.3:

  • Fixed issue with non-existent/out-dated Safari Bookmark Collections folders when exporting to iPhone. Users will now get a warning if a Collection was not found. (The collection will be created in Safari.)

  • Exported web pages are now compatible with IE6 and IE7.

  • Fixed issue with some very large category groups.

  • Set up PasswordWallet for iPhone to open URLs in new blank window so users can push "back" for their passwords from another page. (Timeout Timer still holds, though!)

  • PasswordWallet for iPhone now use the entire row as touch target, and not just the text.

  • PasswordWallet for iPhone exports now have font size preferences for Small, Medium, Large.

New to 4.2:

  • Added the ability to select individual categories for much faster load times.

  • Added popup menus for categories and split groups.

  • Updated CSS to be compatible with iPhone/iPod Touch OS v1.1.1.

  • New, cleaner, three-panel view.

  • Added option to export to iPhone every time a file is closed.

  • Users can now choose the display font for resulting web pages.

  • Fixed incorrectly displayed expiration date.

  • Added count of entries to grouped items.

New to 4.1:

  • First release.

Support Shareware

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