For iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, iOS11.0 or Later

Version: 4.8.18
Price: $4.99

PasswordWallet for iOS

What's New

New to 4.8.14

  • Completely reworked views to use system font size settings.

  • Rotation more reliable.

  • Updated Notes area to make it more usable, with rotation.

  • Updated logging to force https.

  • Updated to latest Dropbox Library.

  • Updated Touch ID verbiage to include Face ID.

  • Better direct iOS-to-iOS network sync device detection.

  • Fixed crash while updating sync settings.

  • Fixed possible timing issue that would result in a crash when setting up sync.

New to 4.8.13

  • Fixed Face ID on the iPhone Xs and Xs Max.

New to 4.8.12

  • Fixed possible crashing bug in iOS 11 during automatic sync.

New to 4.8.11

  • Fixed issue with odd URL behavior in built-in browser.

  • Fixed bug with dropbox sync of multiple passwordwallet files.

  • Added verbiage for Face ID.

New to 4.8.10

  • Fixed Spanish localization.

  • Fixed possible crash with Dropbox that affected some users.

New to 4.8.9

  • Marked as compatible with iOS 10 or later.

New to 4.8.8

  • New, modern Dropbox implementation!

  • Dropbox sync is much more reliable.

  • Fixed keyboard in notes view, especially with third party keyboards.

New to 4.8.7

  • Printing!

  • Choosing a random password will now just place it in to the password field and not save the change automatically.

  • Pushing the gear while in the password editor will bring up more helpful instructions.

  • Fixed forgot password button on iPads.

  • If two PasswordWallet files are linked, after switching to the linked file, "popping" back now works.

New to 4.8.6

  • Fixed crash with WiFi sync between two PasswordWallets on any two devices.

New to 4.8.5

  • 64-bit clean!

  • Works with split-screen on larger devices.

  • Sync more reliable when another device drops off network unexpectedly.

  • Updated Dropbox framework which should fix dropbox issues for those having them.

  • Worked around iOS 9 issue when trying to sync to your computer.

  • Fixed subtle crash after deleting all wallet files, syncing in a new one, and trying to open it with Touch ID.

  • Detecting possible cycles when referencing one username or password in an entry from another.

  • Detecting corrupted files and displaying an error. PasswordWallet will attempt to recover as much data as possible.

  • Avoiding Dropbox "conflicted copies".

New to 4.8.4

  • Fixed problem with preferences introduced in 4.8.3. Sorry!

New to 4.8.3

  • Device-to-Device Sync more reliable when the network drops off¬†unexpectedly.

  • Launching in landscape now works on iPads. ¬†(Sorry!)

  • New Dropbox framework.

  • Fixed problem with Touch ID not showing up automatically within first launch.

  • Fixed rendering problem with double status bar when Touch ID visible.

New to 4.8.2

  • Fixed notes view when rotated.

New to 4.8.1

  • Clearing keychain when Touch ID is turned off within options.

  • Auto-fill within PasswordWallet browser works better on heavy dynamic web sites.

  • Fixed issue with creating wallets after deleting all wallets and not having the newly created wallet as the default wallet. Or something.

  • Fixed issue with About box ('i' button) crashing on non-english systems.

  • Fixed issue with localized help not getting fully localized.

  • Fixed background lock timeout that broke with recent Touch ID logic.

New to 4.8.0

  • New iOS 7 and iOS 8 look and feel.

  • Made "Dropbox" default sync choice for new syncs.

  • Added option to enable Touch Id.

  • Added option to show Touch Id on launch.

  • Added options to set the format for random password generation.

  • Addressed new iOS 8 array behavior that was causing a crash.

  • Displaying n/a for last sync times if sync was never initiated from iOS.

  • Detecting folders when restoring individual files from iTunes settings.

  • Always clearing password field when returning to PW. (Worked in iOS 6, now works in iOS 7 & 8.)

  • Updated subject in auto-filled support e-mail.

  • Clarified open wallet menu and saving options.

  • Abbreviated notes will now get an ellipsis if notes are multiple lines and the first line is short.

  • More error checking around dropbox APIs that sometimes will download a file as empty when dropbox is under heavy load.

New to 4.7.4

  • Fixed dark text with dark background colors.

New to 4.7.3

  • Searches now look and work better.

  • File authorization for transmit off the device now times-out using the same options as those for locking.

New to 4.7.2

  • An "Advanced" option to bypasses Bonjour with a manual IP address. Useful for misbehaving routers.

  • Better Dropbox error detection.

New to 4.7.1

  • Completely reworked Dropbox synchronization and authentication.

  • PasswordWallet will now launch external URLs with the proper application. e.g.: Skype, SSH, etc.

  • Addressed issue when removing old saved syncs.

  • Larger text size when viewing notes.

  • Fixed problem where table rows were free'd too aggressively to save memory.

  • PasswordWallet now requires iOS 4.2 or later.

  • Removed MobileMe sync since MobileMe no longer exists. We urge users to sync through a free Dropbox account.

  • Keyboard orientation when first launched on iPad in landscape mode should be correct now.

New to 4.7.0

  • Lots of usability enhancements.

  • Added backup reminder!

  • New synchronization options to "make all other device data look like this one", no matter how many devices you have.

  • Now trying harder to wake up synchronization server after the device wakes up from sleep.

  • More helpful logging.

  • PasswordWallet is now available in Chinese!

New to 4.6.1

  • Fixed one-way sync pref.

  • Fixed conflict with sync and creation of new files without sync.

  • Lists of PasswordWallet documents are now sorted alphabetically.

New to 4.6

  • All new network synchronization wizard.

  • All new file synchronization via iTunes when connected by USB.

  • All new Dropbox(tm) support.

  • All new preference to add a lock time-out when backgrounding or behind a phone call.

  • All new tap and hold on a list item view to show clipboard options immediately.

  • All new import of .passwordWallet4 files from e-mail attachments, web and file management apps.

  • All new splitting of username and password fields for sites with more than one of either.

  • All new Backup and Restore by E-mail.

  • Reorganized options with new "Gear" on home screen.

  • PasswordWallet will now replace the current view with a generic icon so the system won't capture a screenshot of your passwords.

  • New integrated synchronization help.

  • New high resolution icons for retina display.

  • Now hiding data when placed in background so system cannot take a screenshot of your data.

  • Much better auto-fill for all different kinds of web sites.

  • Users are now notified when files are placed in to PasswordWallet from iTunes.

  • Fixed problem with duplicates appearing during synchronization.

  • Default background on the WebViews for sites with no background should now be white instead of grey.

  • More random password choices when editing the password field.

  • Lengthened some of the in-line instructions to make PasswordWallet easier to use.

  • Copy to clipboard view now contains the title of the selected record.

  • Smarter Sync Locks for fewer warnings.

  • Fixed issue with transfer authorization.

  • Fixed issue with network-device pairing and rotated iPhone screen.

  • Fixed launch issue on iPad in rotated mode and keyboard on automatically.

  • Fixed a bug where visiting the Clipboard screen with a new, empty record could cause a crash.

  • Fixed potential confusion when deleting the default file.

  • Added "Remove Duplicates" option.

  • Now giving users the option of copy/pasting when auto-typing can't be completed in some secure web pages.

  • Help and Coupons are now modal.

New to 4.5.2

  • Fixed issue with auto-typing on some web sites.

  • Whole new sync algorithm that addresses the duplicates problem.

  • Syncing with "Download all files checked" now sets the default file correctly.

  • Even BETTER detection of malformed mobileme usernames.

  • Sync and file opening is about 10X faster.

New to 4.5.1

  • Auto-typing works on the iPad!

  • Fixed metrics for both iPhone and iPad.

  • Removed undocumented API calls.

  • Server name bonjour broadcasts now contain device type (iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone).

  • PasswordWallet is now available in Japanese.

  • Updated encrypted exports.

  • MobileMe usernames now forced to all lowercase.

  • More error checking around creating MobileMe and WebDAV sync sources.

  • Added a message when opening an empty file: Ask the user if their data is in a different file.

  • Fixed server ports for iPad.

  • Fixed verbiage around "First Time Messages".

  • Fixed upload notification around Backup & Restore (It was too fast to notice!)

  • Default file now set automatically when syncing only one file. (Either by web page or PasswordWallet on a computer.)

  • Logins work with facebook. (Although facebook needs to update their web pages for iPad.)

New to 4.5.0

  • ALL NEW Synchronization

  • Added Synchronize with MobileMe.

  • Added Synchronize with WebDAV.

  • Added Synchronize with another iPhone.

  • Added Backup and Restore all data from ANY computer with no special software.

  • Added Fully encrypted exports that you can open on any computer with no special software.

  • Added button to disable idle timer for up to 15 minutes.

  • Added one-time tip messages for new users.

  • Added a completely new File Manager for creating, deleting, renaming and exporting files.

  • ssh:// URLs will now open in your device's ssh client if there is one there.

  • Fixed an issue with scrolling, rotating and keyboards when viewing notes.

  • PasswordWallet files cannot be copied off the device without master password.

  • File names, where they display, now shrink so you can see the whole name.

  • More interactive help, right where you need it.

New to 4.4.10

  • Fixed phone number detection in the browser view.

  • Added preference to show master password keyboard at launch.

  • Added red digits (and underlined lowercase characters) when looking at the record detail.

  • Fixed issue with Section index.

New to 4.4.9

  • Fixed problem that cropped up with provisioning in iPhone OS 2.0.

New to 4.4.8

  • Added expiring clipboard so users can visit a web site with username copied, and return quickly to copy password [iPhone 3.0 only].

New to 4.4.7

  • Added copy to clipboard of complete records as text [iPhone 3.0 only].

  • Added copy to clipboard for username, password and other data [iPhone 3.0 only].

  • Auto-type is now compatible with more web sites.

  • Added Coupon UI available from info box.

  • Built against SDK 2.0 not 2.2.1 for older iPhones.

  • Localized Display Name in the spring board for foreign languages.

  • Update HTML help for synchronization and added help for backup.

  • Added Backup to "Choose and Manage Files" screen. This creates an encrypted HTML file that you can extract from iTunes backups.

  • Made toolbar buttons wider.

  • Trying harder to auto-type username/password text for web sites with lots of DHTML.

  • Made the category subsections a little bit shorter to save vertical space.

  • When creating a file, it is always set as default for the next open.

  • All lock buttons now ask the user if they actually want to lock.

  • Old password is saved to the notes when generating a new random one.

  • Added "]" to mailto URL on help screen.

  • Fixed problem with controls in rows selecting the row behind it.

New to 4.4.6

  • We now offer a Mac and Windows application to extract files from your iPhone Backups in iTunes to your Mac or PC. And users can also permanantly remove the "Delete All Files" button.

  • Added context-sensitive help to many screens, complete with power user tips.

  • Added a "Forgot Password" button when the user enters an incorrect password.

  • Long entry names now shrink if they're long.

  • Added sections to entry list when sorted by Name or Category. (Tap-Hold-Drag to use.)

  • The "Delete All Files" can now be removed permanantly. Once removed, all deletions will require the file's password.

  • Added chevrons to file rename and file delete in Choose and Manage Files view.

  • Added "First run" message to main screen with a description of PW.

  • Category sorting is now case insensitive.

  • Fixed problem that would sometimes duplicate records while syncing. (Requires Mac 4.4.5.)

  • Fixed bug when opening one file from another.

  • Fixed problem auto-fill and usernames or passwords that contained special quoted characters.

New to 4.4.5

  • New toolbar icons!

  • When sorted by "Category", categories appear in the main list view.

  • Added "edit" button on Find screen to edit category names.

  • If screen is rotated, detail view font size increases to 18 from 12.

  • Now saving file automatically after selecting a random password.

  • Now saving old password in notes when generating a new one.

  • Now saving username and password changes automatically if the user also selects a new label for either.

  • Added the ability to create new entries from the browser.

  • New colors.

  • Added French, German and Japanese localizations!

  • WebView URL keyboard now has a "Go" button.

  • Fixed issue with long notes, keyboard visibility and scrolling.

  • Change spelling of "Accssed" to "Accessed" on sort screen.

New to 4.4.4

  • Normalizing line endings in notes.

  • Sorting by last accessed date is now respected after visting URLs.

  • Now setting the last accessed date when visiting a URL.

  • Now strongly discouraging empty master passwords.

  • Only displaying memory warning when OS warns us /and/ available memory < 1.6 MB.

  • Fixed quit when submitting logs.

New to 4.4.3

  • Keyboard for notes will only display automatically if notes are empty. Otherwise just tap the notes area for the keyboard to appear.

  • Entries with no title will appear in the password list in grey, with a title of "(untitled)".

  • Added "system locale" to log header.

  • Added memory information to the bottom of the About Box.

  • Users will be warned before they create a wallet with no password.

  • Keyboard for category will be hidden if categories exist.

  • Removed "Green" background.

New to 4.4.2

  • We did some MAJOR work on reliability.

  • PasswordWallet now requires MUCH less memory.

  • We also dramatically improved the flow of data entry through the program so data entry requires fewer taps.

  • The browser now gives users the option to continue when accessing pages on servers with bad or expired certificates. (Not allowed before.)

  • Improved auto-typing of Username and Password fields in to web sites.

  • PasswordWallet now locks when your iPhone goes to sleep.

  • The keyboard no longer automatically capitalizes usernames and passwords.

  • Logging has improved dramatically. Keep sending us those logs! [Main]-> [i] -> [Logs]

New to 4.4.1

  • Much better expanded Notes view.

  • Fixed mysterious "Duplicating Records" bug. (It's no longer a mystery.)

  • Added "i" Information button for record count/found count/file name.

  • There is now a check mark next to the default file.

  • The browser's navbar turns black for https (secure) requests.

  • Resolving [:linked:] username and password fields.

  • When switching from one file to another via Go To URL, users can Pop to the previous file from the "i" button.

  • Much better handling of low memory situations.

  • Validating URLs before opening them with the browser.

  • Cleared synchronization pairings stay cleared.

  • Removed "Go" buttons for entries that have no URL.

  • Auto-typing resets if the entry is edited while a web page is open.

  • Long file names no longer wrap in sync results display.

  • Better debug log messages. Keep those logs coming!

  • Added "E-mail Developer" option after submitting a log.

  • No longer logging entire URLs.

New to 4.4.0

  • First release!

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