For iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, iOS10.3 or Later

Version: 4.8.21
Price: $4.99

PasswordWallet for iOS

Your SOLUTION to Password Confusion!

PasswordWallet for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad Mini.

Use PasswordWallet on your iOS device to view or edit your passwords and private information anywhere and at any time - because password confusion just isn't necessary!


  • PasswordWallet encrypts your passwords, usernames, PIN numbers, combinations and personal notes with extremely fast Blowfish encryption. Use the auto-typing feature to log in to your favorite web sites using PasswordWallet's built-in browser. You can even edit entries while navigating a site.

  • Users can seamlessly synchronize multiple PasswordWallet files with multiple Macs and move between them easily. (No Windows support yet.)

  • Synchronization is secured by pairing your Mac with your iPhone and keeping all data encrypted during synchronization.

Security Measures

  • PasswordWallet uses BlowFish encryption algorithm with 448-bit keys to protect your data

  • PasswordWallet copies passwords to the clipboard and automatically deletes them after they are pasted to keep your info safe.

Language Support

  • English Dutch French German Japanese Spanish

Support Shareware

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