For Android 5.0 (lollipop) or Later

Version: 4.8.24
Price: $4.99

PasswordWallet for Android


Table of Contents

Installing from the Google Play Store

PasswordWallet for Android is available on the Google Play Store from the button above. This will allow for seamless installation and updates of PasswordWallet.


Moving existing data in to PasswordWallet for Android

PasswordWallet for Android shares the exact same file format with PasswordWallet for macOS, Windows, and iOS. Wallet files with the suffix .passwordWallet4 may be moved to PasswordWallet for Android by doing the following:

  1. Be sure you have PW installed on your device and you've launched it at least once.
  2. Locate your .passwordWallet4 file on your computer or device. In iOS, this will be in "Manage Wallets". On your computer, the wallet documents will be saved on your hard drive.
  3. E-mail the file to your android device as an attachment.
  4. Check e-mail on your android device.
  5. Tap the attachment on the Android device. (Some 3rd party e-mail apps on Android don't do this correctly. If you get an error when tapping the attachment, you will have to use an 'authentic' e-mail app for this to work properly.)
  6. Run PasswordWallet (PW) on your Android and open it within 'Manage Wallets'.

Backing up your data

Backup and restore of your data on Android works through e-mail. Push the "Backup" button on the main screen of PasswordWallet for Android to e-mail your wallet file to another computer.

ALWAYS back up your data manually. Do not rely on anyone but yourself to back up your data for you. Follow the instructions above to move your backups back in to PasswordWallet for Android.

Creating a wallet

Create as many wallets as you like. Switch beteween them by tapping the "Open a wallet" within "Manage Wallets", available from the main screen.

Wallets may be created the first time you run PasswordWallet for Android or within the "Manage Wallets" available from the main screen.

  1. Tap "Manage Wallets".
  2. Tap "Create a new wallet".
  3. Give your new wallet a name.
  4. Enter your secret Master Password twice.
  5. Push "Create".

Using your wallet

Open your wallet from the main screen by entering your master password and tapping "Unlock". After unlocking your wallet...

  1. Tap "+" to create a new entry. Tap items within the entry screen to set their values, like URL, username and associated password. Your data will be saved automatically.
  2. Tap existing entries to see or edit their data.
  3. Tap the double box next to an entry to open the URL to that entry within the built-in browser. With the cursor positioned in a username or password field on the web site, tap the "head" or "..." to type the username and password for you.
  4. Tap the double box next to an individual value to copy its value to the clipboard.

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