For Windows XPSP3 or Later

Version: 1.0
Price: $11.99

MoonMenu for Windows

What's New

New to 3.0.4

  • Time zone preference is now in sync with the clock for all settings.

  • Added "Run at Login" menu item under the "Gear" menu that can be checked on and off.

  • Fixed calculations which failed after recent arithmetic rollover. Whoops!

  • MoonMenu is now Intel only. And requires at least Mac OS X 10.5.

New to 3.0.3

  • Fixed problems with Time Zones and Quarter Times.

  • Fixed problems with Time Zones and time since full moon.

New to 3.0.2

  • Fixed problem with Sunrise/Sunset times on Mac OS X 10.6.

  • Added automatic update check to make transition to new versions easier.

New to 3.0.1

  • Made disclosing portions of the MoonMenu window a little bit faster.

  • Added a little more space for AM/PM. Sometimes they'd get cut off.

  • Added better informative text if MoonMenu is not in /Applications.

  • Added logic to detect when is moved while it is running. This is bad. So now the user has the opportunity to quit.

  • Added version number to About Box. (Imagine that!)

  • Added note about the current assumed status of daylight savings time.

  • Fixed problem with some time zones and quarter time reporting with respect to latitude and longitude.

  • Fixed pretty big memory leak that would happen every time the moon was clicked. Sorry about that.

  • Warnings now come to the front of other windows so they don't get lost.

New to 3.0.0

  • Completely rewritten in Cocoa using all of the great features of Mac OS X.

  • Beautiful moon images at really high resolutions that are scaled on the fly for the menubar and in the new control window.

  • New collapsable window.

  • New control to scrub through all phases of a lunation.

  • New clean installation method.

  • Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

New to 2.0.3

9 and X:

  • Fixed problem with text in some windows.

  • Fixed registration problem.

X only:

  • Fixed font metrics for Mac OS X 10.2 in some dialogs and windows.

  • Fixed problem with "Launch Application..." menu item under some 10.2 systems.

  • Fixed problem with Moon dissappearing from the menubar during registration reminder.

New to 2.0.2

9 and X:

  • The phases in the menu are now sorted chronologically.

  • Moon pictures are now synchronized better with actual phase.

  • Added warning about Date & Time Settings Fidelity.

  • Changed Latitude and Longitude to be consistent with majority of web sites: South and West are Negative.

  • Added UI defining South & West Latitudes.

  • Fixed problem with South & West Latitudes and Longitudes. (They should be negative.)

  • Removed check-mark from the "Get" menu in the Settings Panel of the application.

  • The definitions panel now contains a styled, scrolling text box that can hold more text.

  • Removed "X" from Classic Window title.

X only:

  • Dramatically improved rendering of Moon in the Menubar on Mac OS X with Aqua Rendering.

  • A startup item is now available in the "Login" system preference.

  • Menu preferences now update immediately in Mac OS X.

  • The phase icons in the menu are now correct for users below the equator who are also running Mac OS X.

  • Fixed a compatibility problem with the soon to be released Mac OS X 10.2.

  • Added a "Launch MoonMenu Application" menu item to the system menu. Be sure the most recent MoonMenu application is present in the Applications Folder under Mac OS X for best results.

  • Moved MoonMenu to a background only application. It can even be quit with ProcessViewer.

  • Added "Upgrade" progress indicator window for the four seconds it takes to uninstall version 2.0 and 2.0.1.

  • Added "Upgrade" logic to MoonMenu Application that will automatically uninstall previous versions on Mac OS X.

  • Added warning about low antialiasing of text threshold.

  • Fractional time zones, like 9.5, are now possible. Previously, all numbers had to be Integers.

New to 2.0.1

  • Fixes a problem with preference synchronization between menu and application in MacOS 9.

New to 2.0

  • The MoonMenu™ menu is now compatible with MacOSX!

  • The MoonMenu™ application is now compatible with Mac OS X!

  • Added sun rise/set, twilight rise/set and moon rise/set calcualtions to the application and the menu.

  • MoonMenu™ is now aware of Latitude and Longitude and there will be many calculations based on these values in future versions. The first of these are the rise and set times.

  • The Phase buttons in the MoonMenu™ application now respect time zone settings.

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