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PasswordWallet stores ALL of your passwords and other private information in one, convenient location - because password confusion just isn't necessary!

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Are you using a Mac, Windows or iOS? Users of these platforms can export their data protected files on to a flash drive, and view their data in any browser! We call this solution Export to Go. And it's included with PasswordWallet for free!

PasswordWallet is also available for Palm Classic, webOS and Windows Mobile Classic

What Users Are Saying about PasswordWallet!

"Yep! Love this app, it is my lifesaver" - Nanton, Alberta Canada

"Works great with all of my devices" - Columbia, Mississippi

"Works great with all of my devices" - Columbia, Mississippi

"Its a great app!" - Annapolis, MD

"saves my butt sooooo often" - Rochester, MN

"Works nice!" - Bjärred, Skåne Sweden

"Very reliable." - Meinerzhagen, NRW Germany.

"works very well" - Colorado

"This is great and has been a lifesaver since I started using it." - Poway, CA

"Love the application" - Unknown

"This app is really great, I'm happy I bought it." - Portland, OR

"Great Product" - Chandler, AZ

"easy to use; reliable; great product survice" - San Antonio, Texas U.S.A.

"Simple and elegant" - Rogers City, Mich

"Fine product on all platforms, thanks!" - Edinburgh, Scotland

"Fine product on all platforms, thanks!" - Edinburgh, Scotland

"great software" - Unknown

"Yes. Love the program. From day one. " - Long Beach, California

"It's great!" - UK

"Been using the program for years.  Works for me." - Aldan, PA

"So far, it's great" - Clarksville, TN

"I've been using this for many, many years. Thank you." - Gilbert, AZ

"An absolute must use all the time!" - Durham, NC

"Great Product" - Edmonton, Ab Canada

"Have been using PW for a long time and continue to rely on it." - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

"Still my favourite password manager because simple and always working" - Zurich, Switzerland

"Just works, nice n simple" - Bristol, VT

"LOVE IT!" - Portland, Oregon

"love this program" - SanFranciscoCA

"only the best" - Phoenix, AZ

"Unknown" - St. Petersburg, FL

"nothing but the best..." - San Carlos, Ca

"I'm using on my Mac and Love it.  I left LastPass because their data breach." - Potsdam, NY

"I love having my secure hashed passwords on my own device, rather than a high-target server!" - Boston, MA

"keep up the good work!" - Venice, Italy

"great product" - Centreville, VA

"Good Product" - Centreville, VA

"used if or years, great product.  simple and does whats needed and nothing else" -

"This is a GREAT application! " - Los Osos, CA

"Wonderful experience" - Mountain View, CA

"Way less fussy than 1Password" - EscondidoCA

"It's been great" - Boca Raton, Fl

"Weve used this prodduct for quite some time and are really happy with it" - Germany

"I've used Password Wallet for years--loveit!" - Mountain View, CA

"Great product, thank you for creating it!" - Phoenix, AZ

"Very Efficient" - Mumbai, Maharashtra India

"have used it for 12 years and love it" - west hartford, CT

"Used this for many years love it" - IrvingTX

"Have used PW for years.  Great" - Chelmsford Mass

"Love it. Been using PWW since 2001 - had it on my palm pilot and PoerBook G3" - Leichhardt, NSW

"I've used on my phone for years!  Awesome product" - Freehold, NJ

"Great program!" - Amsterdam The Netherlands

"Great Apps" - Strassen - Luxembourg - Europe

"I love it." - Shawnee KS

"I depend on Password Wallet to keep track of my home and work passwords and several for my family as well. It's been terrific. I work across Mac, Windows, and iPhone implementations, plus backup PDF and html copies for use when traveling. I love the security through the whole chain." - Baltimore, MD

"good program" - Calgary, AB Canada

"excellent software." - Yorba Linda, CA

"Great been using it for years on all my devices. LOVE IT!" - NY NY

"Love this App. Best on the market" - Larkspur, CA

"Love this app! Very solid, simple. Does exactly what you need it to." - Aylmer, Ontario Canada

"Nothing, other than you're the best!" - Endwell, New York

"Great product, It's the most used app I use." - Bristol, VT

"I love it, its a load off my chest that I dont neet to consently deal with keeping all of my passwords in my head or on paper somewhere I can lose it rather easly." - Orange City, FL

"Love it!!!!!" - Denver, CO

"I've used your product for ages, it is great!" - Camberley, UK

"Love the product" - New Orleans, LA

"very nice app, thanks!!" - Yokohama, Japan

"You are awesome!" - Austin, Texas

"Good job! Works well." - Oaklyn, NJ

"Great product" - Modena, Italy

"Been using iOS version for 10 years I think? Love it!" - Orlando, Florida

"Using for more than 10 years.  Very secure and easy to use.  Love it." - Philadelphia, PA

"LOVE this program" - Houston, TX

"Have a great day!" - Orcutt, California

"die BESTE Passwort-Verwaltung !!!! Danke für Apple-Silicon-Update !!!!" - Unknown

"I like" - Brooklyn, NY

"Software läuft störungsfrei auf dem iPhone, seit Jahren" - Strausberg, BB Germany

"So far so good" - Hinesburg, VT

"Gives me a since of security while being easy to use" - Orange City, FL

"I think this software will take away some headaches!" - Bristol, VT

"Indispensible" - Sydney NSW Australia

"user since 2010 this app has never failed" - pomona, ca

"love this" - Oregon

"Great product" - UK

"i like it" - Framingham, MA

"I use Password Wallet almost every day" - Toronto, Ontario Canada

"hi!" - Mill Valley, CA

"Great product. I use it on all of my (many) Apple devices" - Austin, TX

"Long time user, PW is a lifesaver" - Leadville, CO

"Très contente" - Calpe, Espagne

"Prima applicatie" - Helmond

"reliable. simple." - Florida

"works great" - Los Angeles, CA

"Great product" - Marbella

"Used since 2004 and love it" - Egg Harbor, NJ

"Excellent for Passwords ... wish I could store images " - Pasadena, CA

"nice syncs between comp. mobile devices" - Lincoln, NE U.S.

"Save my life many times" - Riverwoods, IL

"Love PW wallet! Lost previous registration. :(" - Cleveland OH

"useful and easy to use" - Washington

"PasswordWallet is the the best." - now in Greenville, SC

"Keep up the good work! I use your products everyday." - Munich, Germany

"My husband loves it" - Sydney Australia

"Great app. Thank you." - Miami, FL

"ich bin sehr mit PasswordWallet zufrieden. Die Bedienung und die Syncronisierung wird auch immer Benutzerfreundlicher . Macht weiter so." - Freising, Bayern Deutschland

"have used for years--great product" - Tremonton, Utah

"Love it, Love it" - Chandler, AZ

"The review was absolutely right ;-)" - Germany

"Love that it "just works", unlike most Apple products these days" - Pointe-Claire, Quebec Canada

"Great Product" - Santa Maria, California

"Only program I've ever used" - Eau Claire, Michigan

"Love it .. Can't live without it" - Metairie, LA

"Thanks. This product is simple, which means I can understand the security" - Berkeley, CA

"Been using product for many years. A real lifesaver!" - UK

"YOU are the BEST !!! " - Skokie IL

"LOVE IT!" - Chattanooga, TN

"Best password software :-)" - Hamburg, Germany

"I've used this product on my phone for years and am very happy with it." - Pearl, Mississippi

"Good - recommended" - Melbourne, Victoria

"You make great software" - Silver Spring, MD United States

"great app use it all the time" - SanAntonioTX

"Ist so genial, danke :-)))" - Oberasbach, Franken Bayer Deutschland

"easy to use, syncs well across machines, use it everyday for decades" - melbourne, victoria

"Great product!" - Australia

"Great product and support" - Unknown

"I have used this product for years.  I thinkI have been using Password Wallet for the Mac since version 1!" - Ardmore, PA. United States

"cool software" - MIlan Italy

"It works fine" - Hong Kong SAR.

"Très sûr et simple d'usage" - COLMAR, Alsace FRANCE

"Easy to use and reliable" - New York, NY

"Good product and I like using and supporting shareware." - Bellingham, WA

"Love this app - hope you always have time to support it!" - Boston MA

"love it" - Houston, Tx

"I like your product" - Cambridge, MA

"I like the design" - New York, NY

"Easy to use" - Pittsburgh

"Great product, have been using on my Macs for years. Needed a Windows version, thanks!" - Unknown

"Swear by this product" - Fairfield CT

"I use it on mobile and laptop... its my link to all my important things I need to remember and have access to" - livermore, ca United States

"I have loved having PW!  Just needed to update with the new OS for iMac." - Jacksonville, FL

"I have been using it for a LONG time and haven't had a good reason to change." - Lexington, MA

"Password Wallet: GREAT!!!" - Larkspur, CA

"I like saving Data on my Mac and NOT the cloud. :-)" - Pompton Plains, NJ

"Convenient!" - Kumamoto, Japan

"easy to use" - Glendale, Arizona

"Love the product." - Atlanta GA

"Still using you years later on IOS and on Mac" - Australia

"Love your software, use it every day" - NY, NY

"Obvciously after 15 years, I think it's a pretty good product." - Seattle, WA

"html-Export finde ich Klasse!" - Sindelfingen, BW Deutschland

"Works great!  Has saved me several times." - Yardley, PA

"Super Software!" - Unknown

"love it" - Richmond, Ky

"Thanks for keeping up the nice work!" - Fort Worth, Texas

"Still using it!!  LOVE IT" - Concord, NC

"PW is a lifesaver for those of us who can't store passwords in the cloud but still need to sync a laptop and desktop!" - Washington, DC

"Great work. " - Long Beach NY United States

"Love it" - San Diego, CA

"Great service! Love you Sanford!" - New York

"Your the bomb! Kaboom!" - Geezerville, Ca

"Good stable program" - Manila, Phillipines

"Very useful and easy to use across devices" - Taunton, Somerset UK

"PasswordWallet remains an outstanding purchase, and excellent vaule" - Much Hadham, Herts UK

"Great to keep track of passwords on all my devices" - San Antonio, TX

"You rock :)" - EuclidOH

"Works quickly and flawlessly on all platforms" - Sanford, FL

"The best password management system for both Mac and Windows" - Vashon Island, WA

"Many nice things. Saves my life daily." - Nanton, Alberta Canada

"The whole family uses it" - Ontario Canada

"Great program!" - Larkspur, CA

"super software" - Switzerland

"Ich benutze PW schon seit vielen Jahren und bin sehr zufrieden. Auch der Support ist super." - Koberg, Schleswig-Holstein Deutschland

"Solid product" - Portlannd, Oregon

"Still the best PW tool" - Cincinnati, OH

"wonderful app" - Unknown

"Remarkably stable and easy to find a path to syncing all devices. Been using it for decades." - Francestown NH

"Great job!" - Québec, QC Canada

"I purchased this years ago and still love it. Never has failed me." - Medford, OR

"Travail de pro ! facile à utiliser" - COLMAR - Alsace - France

"Excellent Product" - Houston, Tx

"marvelous" - Helmond, Noord Brabant Holland

"It's still working perfectly! On all systems." - Eindhoven, Netherlands

"Love that it has it's own server, NOT NOT online storage of PW (on what planet is that a good idea? Yay you!), pay once." - San Pablo, CA

"gute Lösung!" - Baar

"Excellent Product" - NY, NY

"Great Product" - Southfield, MI

"EXACTLY what I want! Encrypted, stores files locally, and syncs between devices WITHOUT the cloud!" - New York, NY

"great app use it every single day both on the desktop and phone" - New Your NY 10013

"Love it, easy, organized,convenient" - Villa Grande, CA

"Sehr gute Software; ist mein täglicher Begleiter" - Unknown

"PW is awesome" -

"je suis content de synchroniser mon iPad et mon Mac via DropBox" - Lachine, Québec Canada

"I have been using for over 5 years now Great product " - Edmonton, Ab Canada

"good product using since last 12 years" - India, Kerala Kannur

"Been using it for years and rely on it totally!" - London

"Programm funkioniert reibungslos" - Schweiz

"Love It !" - California

"Great Program!" - PrincetonWV

"Yes, I LOVE your App and have been using it for years! Please continue with the updates as technology progesses. I never want to be without my Password Wallet. 5 Stars!" - Los Angeles, CA

"Love the app; referr to everyone i know" - San Diego, CA

"Using it for years - love it" - Battle Creek, MI

"Used forever !" - Paris, France

"love it. love the notes field where I can enter anything." - chapel hill, NC

"Been using PW Wallet for many years, love it." - Columbia, SC

"Been PW it for years!" - Colorado

"Seit über 10 Jahren mein PSW Safe ohne Probleme. :-)" - Germany

"Awsome" - Woodstock, MD

"Great program and support" - Bellefonte, PA

"PW has been the first thing I install on a new machine for almost 20 years now!" - Marlow, Bucks UK

"I could not work without this program" - Mayer, Minnesota

"using pw wallet for years - i love it" - Germany

"Love this!" - Florida

"easy to use " - Lehi, UT

"Great Application to store passwords" - Gosford, NSW

"Been using this for over 10 years. EZ PZ to use!" - Louisville, KY

"I like it" - ColumbiaMD

"Great program" - Rosemount, MN

"I asked you for PW for Windows 11 years ago and you had a plan ;-). Happy to buy the license now. Thank you!" - Munich, Bavaria Germany

"I asked you for PW for Windows 11 years ago and you had a plan ;-). Happy to buy the license now. Thank you.!" - Munich, Bavaria Germany

"Perfect" - Germany

"it helps me daily!" - Germany

"Best way and app to keep your passwords safe" - Smyrna, DE

"Thank you : )" - Ottawa, Ontario Canada

"Excellent Product" - Houston, Texas

"Best Password-Tool,  because all data is on my own devices" - Germany

"Works Great w/o Useless Things." - Belmont, NC

"Nice PasswordWallet - the best" - Singapore

"love PasswordWallet and have depended on it for many years" - Baltimore, MD

"PasswordWallet has served me well!" - Dallas, TX

"love it" - Redwood City, CA

"great program" - Belmont, NC

"I love it!" - Pacific Palisades CA

"Stay safe! great tool" - Rotterdam, Netherlands

"Love it!  Use iOS app, Mac, PC versions" - Palo Alto, CA

"Does Exactly What I Need!" - Belmont, NC

"Great response to query" - Harrisonburg, VA

"Works Well and does what I need - What more can I say.  Thank you" - Belmont, NC

"I love the product, works great" - Buffalo, NY

"Best password manager out there!" - Renton, WA

"Bast Password Keeper" - Lake Ariel, PA  

"Works great" - SidneyNe

"works great on all my platforms" - Sarasota, Florida

"great product" - Sarasota, Florida

"nice product" - Australia

"Works very well" - Albany NY

"PW is an app I couldn't work without." - Castle Rock, CO

"Like the product" - Atlanta, GA 30067

"Didn't want cloud storage. Better than anything else." - Los Angeles, CA

"I love it" - GalvestonTX

"I LOVE this app. It is absolutely essential to me. I have wallets for personal and work equipment. I have wallets for each client. Everything tidy and secure in seperate encrypted files. I love that I don't have to trust some mysterious "cloud service"." - San Francisco, CA

"Love it" - San Jose, CA


"It works!  Easy, consistent." - Soquel, CA

"love it, Great price" - Auckland. New Zealand

"Thanks for the great job" - Düsseldorf, Germany

"I like the product" - Atlanta, GA

"I can't imagine Not having and using PW" - Mayer, Minnesota

"highly recommended" - Portland

"I really like your software." - Chino, CA

"It works great!" - Berlin, Berlin Germany

"Great tool!" - Germany

"great product" - Ft Wayne IN

"Great tool! I like it." - Groß-Rohrheim, Germany

"i could not operate without PasswordWallet" - Mayer, Minn

"great product" - Auckland, New Zealand

"great program and customer service" - Santa Clarita, CA

"Love your direct network sync" - Detroit, MI

"Great Product, result of hard work. Highly Recommended." - Canterbury Kent UK

"Love it!" - Calgary, AB Canada

"like my i phone app and want same on PC 7 sync" - Plymouth, MA

"Love it!" - CA

"Great product" - Cincinnati, Oh

"Still my favourite manager. I always recommend PasswordWallet :-)" - Volketswil, Switzerland

"Reliable, easy to use, safe. Works great." - Bergen, Hordaland Norway

"it works very well" - Cadro-Ticino-Switzerland

"Good product" - Washington DC

"I am extremely pleased with this product!" - Manassas, Virginia

"It is a fine product" - Jupiter, Fl

"Very good." - Unknown

"It works" - Florence, SC

"It's great! I've been using PW since version 2." - Danville, CA

"I could not exist without Password wallet" - Mayer, Minnesota

"Great how I can use it between my macs and new windows device. Thanks!" - Windsor Berks UK

"I love the product." - Langedijke, Friesland Netherlands

"Works well for me." - Cotopaxi, CO

"seriously good product" - Uddevalla Sweden

"Best password program out there!" - Castle Rock, Colorado

"it's my Password Tool since years" - Switzerland

"Love it" - La Place La

"Great product!" - North Little Rock, Arkansas

"LOVE that it has worked for years" - Lake Charles, LA

"Great product" - Ann Arbor MI

"good product, very useful" - KearneyNE

"Great easy to use tool" - Wroclaw, Poland

"I use it almost every day" - San Vito dei Normanni, Italy

"Unknown" - Mayer, Minnesota

"Unknown" - Mayer, Minnesota

"highly recommended" - New London, NH

"Long time satisfied user" - Las Cruces, NM

"This is the 3rd device I purchased if for.  Need I say more?" - Denver, CO

"I've always had lots of nice things to say about the app in which I first trusted my passwords!" - Los Angeles, CA

"excellent product" - tucson, arizona

"simple clean great UI" - Scotland, UK

"Brilliant product" - UK

"PW save my life " - London, UK

"Great Program" - Amarillo, Texas

"Great product" - Glendale, Arizona

"I like that you can use both iPhone and Windows" - Grain Valley, MO

"It's great!" - Portland, OR

"Works wonderfully" - Melbourne, FL

"great product" - HoustonTX

"Auto-Type is the best!" - Toronto, ON

"your app is my most used" - Richmond, VA


"great software" - Newport Beach, CA

"Great App" - Alexandria, VA

"Have been using PW Wallet for over 10 years! Just bought another license for my machine so I can keep things aligned across devices.  Love its simplicity! " - Los Altos, CA

"I really like it!  I use it to keep everything that I need to remember." - Newton, KS

"i love it" - titusville fl 32780

"great app! use it evryday" - NY, NY

"Most excellent product" - Gainesville, FL


"Invaluable support!" - Tucson AZ Pima

"Works great" - ArcadiaFlorida

"I have loved PW for like 6 years now!" - Edwards, CO

"I've used the iPhone version for a couple of years.  Glad to find the PC version that I can sync up.  Nice job." - New Orleans, LA

"Very happy long-time user." - Minneapolis, MN

"This product is very to easy to use and maintain" - New Prague, MN

"Love Everything - Product has been great!" - Hampton Falls, NH


"Great simple, intuitive software!" - Edinburgh, UK

"Very nice!" - Unknown

"Awesome App" - Frisco, TX

"Very useful..." - Birmingham, West Midlands England

"love the product" - cleveland, ms

"looking forward to using password wallet" - Tremonton, Utah

"Love it! Easy to use; does everything I need." - Unknown

"i really enjoy it and have had it since 2012. keep up the good work!" - florence, italy

"I like it. Tried three other products first, this is the best." - London, UK

"love it! easy to use." - San Jose, CA

"great product" - olathe, ks

"it works well" - Albany, CA

"使い安い!" - 千葉県

"He loves your program" - La Canada, CA

"love it" - NY, NY

"Love the program" - Lake Ariel, PA

"Great Product!" - Detroit, MI

""It just works".... wish the rest of OS X worked this well." - Montreal, Quebec Canada

"good" - Wenhm, MA

"Been using the product for years and have told many others about it!" - Buffalo, NY

"Still, a great product!" - NL

"love it... been uning it for years" - Denver, CO

"This is the most user friendly software program I have found." - Vancouver, BC Canada

"great app!" - Washington DC

"great product" - HoustonTx

"Great... Love it" - Colorado

"yes this cool" - Tucson, AZ

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"easy to use" - Tampa, FL

"Keep up the good work" - Dallas, TX

"works perfectly  very convenient" - Springfield, IL

"Very reliable and have stayed the course of many years." - UK

"My favorite password manager" - Corrales, NM

"Handy Product. Have used since Plam Pilot Version." - Berkeley, CA

"Love it!" - New Berlin Wisconsin

"Good job" - Deva, Hunedoara Romania

"Yes!  I bought another license." - Redwood City, CA

"I like it, please keep supporting it!" - Sweden

"iPhone app has always served me well.  Windows app looks good too." - Scotland

"Comes with great reviews." - San Francisco, CA

"Love so far - please continue to update interface!" - Connecticut

"Works great" - Arlington Heights, IL

"Recommend to all clients" - Bristol, VT  05443

"It just works... wish my Computer worked as well." - Pointe-Claire, Quebec Canada

"totally the best. RELY on it." - Allentown, PA

"Love this product. One of my essential items!" - Melbourne, Victoria

"Best Password App Aroound!" - Calif

"I love PasswordWallet" - Durham, NC

"I like it" - Hong Kong

"Very useful tool - especially because I can sync from phone to computers" - Corral de Tierra, CA 93908

"simple and reliable" - Australia

"It's a terrific app" - Middleton, WI

"strongest encryption in a pw vault" - Detroit, MI

"Love this program!" - Rohnert Park, CA

"super product & password safety" - Stourbridge, West Midlands UK

"It works" - Falmouth, ME

"Works great on my iPhone wanted it for my Mac" - Martinsburg, WV

"Used Pwallet for years on mac and ios, very happy also works on Windows" - Louisville, KY

"Great password management that I recommend to clients on a regular basis." - Tucson, AZ

"because it's been a while - and I still think this is the best" - Boston

"You're very attractive." - Burbank, CA

"love it" - Paris France

"Love it." - Columbus, OH

"love it" - Berlin Germany

"Great product" - Collierville, TN

"love it" - Redwood City, CA

"great product" - Walla Walla, WA


"Great Product" - CincinnatiOH

"Love Password Wallet" - Geneva, IL

"great product, very useful" - Kearney, NE

"I'm using your programs since years with full satisfaction" - City of Modena, Italy

"Sanford always helps when you get stuck on something!" - Jamestown, RI 02835

"Great Software" - Unknown

"Great App" - Omaha, NE. UDSA

"Great program " - Cumming, GA

"Fühlt sich gut an, dass es PW gibt." - Hessen, BRD

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"it works great" - Richardson, Texas

"great app" - Virginia

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"Thanks!" - Unknown

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"Have used passwordwallet for 6 years now! Great!" - Washington, DC

"Better than Pastor" - SugarLandTexas

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"Works wonderful" - Wisconsin

"great product, my favorite" - san antonio, tx

"awesome" - g'day

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"It works smoothly with iOS and Mac" - Durham, NC

"this app is awesome" - Unknown

"great" - MilwaukeeWI

"PasswordWallet ist perfekt, ich benutze es seite Jahren." - Switzerland

"great program, use it on iPhone" - AnnArbor, MI

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"Used you and love you" - Deerfield Beach, Fl

"Streamlined and Powerful" - 91505

"This is a life saving product." - Cleveland, Ohio

"Great product." - Walla Walla, WA

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"Yeah, lots of things ... Using this software for years and years ... That says it all ... " - Yilburg, The Netherlands.

"Super" - Wien

"Love the local sync! Love the purchase model." - Gardena, CA

"Useful" - France

"Putting order into my chaos!" - Tallahassee, FL

"Love your app!" - Tampa, Florida

"I've been using it on my iPhone and iPad for years and love the ease of use and synchronization." - Brandon, MS

"I like passwordwallet, good job done " - Augsburg, Germany

"Thanks for your hard work!" - Santa Barbara, CA

"I use PW since 5 years in the iOS world, now want to also use it in Win." - Stuttgart, Germany

"Still seems to work after Win7 to Win10 :-)" - Joondalup, Western Australia

"Formidable" - Burlington ON CANADA

"an excellent program. can not survive without it." - uk

"Very secure and well-integrated application." - Phoenix, AZ

"Great program!! I've been using it for years." - Guam

"Great App" - Amarillo, Tx

"Love it!" - Phoenix, AZ

"You are the best ! " - Unknown

"Very useful" - Tucson, AZ

"I tried many password managers, and yours is the best." - Malden, MA

"Using it for several years and it is great" - Gosford, NSW

"Use it every day" - San Diego

"Very secure and easy to use" - LosAngelesCA

"Love the program" - Beavercreek, Ohio

"Long time user - stable program" - Washington, Missouri

"amazing app, very happy, would not use anything else, it rules my password life" - worthing/dorset uk

"Excellent programme" - Burlington Canada

"Very good. - Alameda, CA

"Always done exactly as it is supposed to." - Florence, SC

"Great software." - Norfolk, UK

"Nice Software" - UK

"must have" - orlando, FL

"great app" - Tampa, FL

"My son is great" - Asheville, NC

"Been using your product for 5 years now, it's fantastic!" - London, UK

"great program" - NJ

"yup!  :-))" - KentWA

"Couldn't operate (securely) without it" - London, UK

"Excellent" - Tokyo

"Love it" - Basel Switerland

"a-1 service" - Lodi, CA

"mars is beautiful this time of year" - I'm standing right behind you Ahhh!

"very useful" - singapore

"Nice program" - Unknown

"love it" - Novato, CA

"Use it a lot." - Hong Kong.

"so far so good" - Indianapolis, IN

"ヘビーユーザーです。いつもありがとうございます。" - 大阪府

"very good" - Montreal, canada

"Always works and dependable!" - dobbs ferry, ny

"Excellent Product" - Onalaska, Texas

"Love the product." - Raleigh, NC

"inexpensive, reliable, friendly" - Walnut Creek, CA

"I don't know what I would do without this." - Oakland, CA

"I bought this product to replace another which was never updated and would sync only when it decided to." - Maryborough, Queensland

"Peace, Love and Happyness" - Munich, Bavaria Germany

"Great application." - Gilbert, AZ

"Indispensable" - Portland, Oregon

"I've been using PassworWallet for atleast 10 years. I love it!" - Ann Arbor, Michigan

"Great Product. " - Webster, MA.

"Well Integrated for all devices" - Mumbai, India

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We'll try to make more minutes. ;-)

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